Andar Bahar Online Cash Game & Andar Bahar Winning Tricks

Andar bahar is a popular Indian card game and now you can also play Andar bahar online cash game at Akkha Casino. The rule is the same and fun is unlimited with Andar bahar live casino. You can even play an online Andar bahar real cash game at Akkha casino in large groups or alone. 

Andar bahar is an Indian traditional card game and has a very loyal fanbase. This game is easy and fun in comparison to other card games like blackjack.

It is a popular family card game that makes it more exciting to play online for real money. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of participants in one game which makes it more exciting.

What is Andar Bahar?

Andar bahar originated in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is easily a 100-year-old card game enjoyed among family and friends but playing for cash is optional. Even today most Indian families play Andar bahar during festive occasions like Holi and Diwali. This game is enjoyed all over India by all age groups and gender due to its simplicity.

Now, you can also play the Andar bahar online cash game at Akkha casino. You don’t have to wait for festivals and family get-to-gathers to play anymore. You can also play Andar bahar live casino for real money and make profits while playing your childhood game.

The concept of the Andar bahar online cash game is similar to the traditional game. Once the cards are dealt with, players have to choose andar ( inside) or bahar ( outside) to place their bets and win the game.

Andar bahar is also known as Maang Patta and Katti in different regions of India. The fondness and huge love of the country for this game made it stand in the category of famous casino games like roulette, poker, and blackjack

How To Play Andar Bahar?

For those who have never played Andar bahar online cash game before the rules are quite simple. The thing which makes this game more interesting is the winning probability. Like any other casino games, online andar bahar real cash games also rely on luck but you have the option to make an educated guess. That’s the reason why you should know the andar bahar game rules.

The chances of winning this game are 50% which makes it more exciting and unusual in comparison to other casino games that are also based on luck. The rules of the online Andar bahar casino game are simple and similar to the traditional game.

The table is divided into 2 sections: the left side is known as andar or inside and the right side is known as outside. The Player has to choose between either two side to predict which side number will be identical to the Joker card.

The side which will have the identical number to the joker card or first card will win the game and then the next round will resume.

The basic andar bahar game rules are as follows:

  1. The dealer cut the deck of 52 cards to display all the players
  2. Dealer then ask the players to place their bets on the card appearing of the same number on either the Andar or bahar side of the table
  3. Once the bets are placed, the dealer starts dealing the cards on both sides. If the dealer card is from the black suit like Clubs and Spades then the first card will be dealt on the Andar or left side of the table and if the dealer card is from the red suit like Hearts or Diamonds then the first card will be dealt at the bahar or right side of the table.
  4. Some online real cash apps allow additional bettings as well. In such cases, the dealer will cut 2 cards and show them to players and then bets will be placed
  5. In case of additional betting, the cards will be dealt with accordingly on both sides while you wait with anticipation and excitement.
  6. When the identical number card of the dealer’s card appears on the one side the game will end.
  7. If the identity card has appeared on your betting site, you will win and will immediately receive your payout. 
  8. Players who have bet on the wrong side will lose their money to the dealer.

For example, the dealer’s card number or Joker’s card face value is 9 of the club. You place a bet on the right side/ Bahar. The dealer will start betting the card from the andar side until the identity card of the same number will appear on any side. If the 9 number card appears on the right side or Bahar then you have won the bet and if the 9 number card appears on the left side or andar then you would lose.

How to Place a Bet?

Now, you are familiar with the rules of the online andar bahar game. The next thing you need to learn is how to place your bet. Like knowing how to play andar bahar, placing online bets is easy and quick. 

The player only needs to click on the side on which they want to bet and wait for their luck to work in their favor. Still, there are a few andar bahar winning tricks that might increase your chances of winning and minimize your loss. 

You might find the different variations of Andar bahar online game on different platforms but the main rue is always the same regarding placing the bets. However, in every Andar bahar online cash game, there will be a minimum and maximum wager that would be set beforehand. You will be able to choose a game of your choices such as andar bahar live casino or video versions.

Some tables, online games, and live casinos allow side-bets and some don’t. the versions of side-bets and additional bets will be different as well. But when the dealer will cut the shoe and display the joker card to all the players you would ask to place your bets.

Players only have to remember the fact that Andar refers to the left side of the table and Bahar refers to the right side. 

Whichever side will win, the next will start soon and you have to place your bets again.

Andar Bahar Strategy

As we told you earlier, andar bahar is a game of luck and the chance of winning is 50/50. Therefore, there is no specific strategy to play this game. Still, if you want to maximize your chance of winning then we would suggest you study the game before entering. Learn about the basic rules and how to place bets and side-bets. 

Practice offline or participate in small budget bets to learn the dynamics and form strategies. Another important thing is to set a budget for yourself to control your losses while playing the andar bahar real cash game at Akkha Casino.

The perfect winning Andar bahar game trick is playing against the odds. Every player will have the same chance to win a bet at 1.9x. in every round, a deck of 52 cards will be used and there will be only 3 other cards of the same number that could be the first card dealt.

Most online games pay the winner at 1.9X of the bet. For example: if you have bet Rs.100 on Andar and if you won your payout will be Rs.190 instantly. 

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Andar Bahar Side bets

Side bet is the perfect andar bahar game trick as they increase the chances of winning and many people enjoy these bets, especially at high-end tables and live casinos. Every online andar bahar real cash app has different versions of side bets or additional bets. 

Some andar bahar real money app allows the player to place the bet against the joker card and some side bets will include guessing off the dealer’s cut if the card is lower or higher than a certain number. There is an option of playing an additional bet as well where the dealer will cut another card in one game and dealt the card alternatively.

However, no matter what andar bahar real cash game you are playing you will get detailed instructions on your screen regarding the side bets, minimum and maximum amount of bets, and how to place bets will be displayed. At Akkha casino, there is 24/7 online support available for all players so if you face any confusion at any point you can ask the customer service regarding payment methods, how to play andar bahar, and how to place bets.

Common Andar Bahar Terms

As we mentioned in the beginning, andar bahar is a popular traditional card game all over India. It is known by different names in different regions. In South India, it is known as Maang Patta and Katti. 

There is a slight difference among all three games. In some regions, players choose the first card, and then the game resumes until one person wins. Here at Akkha casino, the online andar bahar real cash game is based on a standard version where the dealer cuts the card from the deck and the players place their bets.

Other common terms which you will see are:

Andar– means inside or refer to the left side of the table

Bahar– means outside or refers to the right side of the table

Maang patta- another name of andar bahar used in southern India

Katti– another popular name, mainly used in Karnataka

Joker– dealers card or first card that needs to be matched on your betting side to win the game 

Side bets– these bets are not directly involved in the game but make the game more exciting and maximize your wins


Payouts of the andar bahar casino game are quick and easy. When you win a bet your screen will show an instant rise in your account. The payout of the andar bahar online game is at 1.9x on bets mostly. 

The payouts of the game depend on the player’s guess of the matching side. Also if the joker card was from the black suit or red suit and which side the first card is dealt andar or bahar. If a player bets on the side where the first card is dealt and when a matching number appears on the same side the payout will be 90%.

On the other hand, if the player who bet against the side of the first card was dealt and still won the game then the payout will be at 100%.

For example: if you place a bet of Rs.100 on the side where the first card is dealt and won your payout will be Rs.190 and if you place a bet against the side where the first card is dealt then your payout will be Rs.200.

The payouts can be done through Paytm, net banking, bank transfer, Visa and many more other options are available for your convenience.

Why you should trust playing andar bahar for cash at Akkha Casino?

Akkha Casino has a unique and exclusive selection of online games that you won’t find everywhere. Both beginners and professional players receive special treatment after logging in. Regular players get offers for exclusive tables with VIP bonuses and other advantages. 

All your details are safe because of their lending programs and multiple security protocols. Akkha Casino has a partnership with not one but 2 third-party security agencies to make your transactions secured and only you would have the access to your accounts. 

They also provide 24/7 online customer care service to all the players. In case you have any doubt regarding the bets and game itself then you can take help from customer care and resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

Akkha casino also offers a wide and secure payment network to all the players to make your experience more convenient and exciting. Payout structures are quick and easy too.

Andar Bahar FAQs

1.) Reviews Of online casinos with Andar bahar

Andar bahar is a popular Indian card game based on luck and the chance of winning is 50/50. According to the online reviews of websites with and without Andar bahar, online games made for Indian players have a huge difference. 

  1. Online casinos with Andar bahar games have a loyal fan base. 
  2. The game has payouts in rupees
  3. A good amount of bonuses are offered to both beginners and regular players
  4. Many banking and transaction methods are available
  5. The game is based on luck and cards are random so there is no chance of cheating, players can make an educated guess
  6. The number of players is usually high than in online casinos without Andar bahar game

2.) What about its legality online?

Playing online Andar bahar game for real cash is legal. There are no specific laws that say it’s illegal. Most of the online casino sites that are made in India or for Indian players have Andar bahar online game, andar bahar lives casinos. 

You only need to make sure that your online gaming website is following the rules of international and national laws of online casinos. We would also suggest confirming that all the transactions are secured and they won’t share your details with anyone else.

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