AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction | Bundesliga | Augsburg VS Mainz: Match Details, Head To Head And Dream Team

AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction | Bundesliga | Augsburg VS Mainz


When in doubt, watch football. This famous line means absolutely nothing without the world’s favorite football championship to watch: Bundesliga. Teams from every nook and corner come and participate in the cutthroat matches to prove themselves. It is a fantastic match of different teams with varied talents and skills and is definitely worth the watch. The two competing teams are Augsburg and Mainz. Both are like hungry lions ready to pry on each other. The teammates both have immense zest and zeal to come out victorious. Without a doubt, this match is a fierce one. In the previous match against Wolfsburg, Augsburg had a thrilling yet mind-blowing win with a score of 3-0. Whereas in the previous match against Monchengladbach, The Mainz had the first match and it was declared a draw with the score of 1-1. These facts reflect the competitive nature of both the teams and how hungry they are for a win, making prediction difficult and the match a chilling and exciting experience for all.

AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction
AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction


Match Details

  • Date: 6th April 2022
  • Time: 10:00 PM IST
  • Venue: WWK Arena

Head to head:

  • Matches played: 14
  • Augsburg wins: 10
  • Mainz: 4
  • Draw: None

These facts have a very clear understanding of the fact that Augsburg has a lead in terms of wins. This clearly raises expectations on its part but it is still uncertain as, in the previous few matches, Mainz has been catching up more speed and has become an even stronger contender. Thus, there is very little room for prediction.

Probable Lineup:

Augsburg: R.Gikiewicz, Leneis, Koubek, Gummy, Pedersen, Götze, Suchý

Mainz: Zentner, Hanin, Dahmen, Liesegang, Aarón Martín, St. Juste, Lavalée

Top Picks


Leneis: Leneis is the player that needs no introduction. He is an exceptionally good player who always scores great numbers and does wonder for his team. He is a very strong contender and a great pick.

Suchy: There is no player that can come at par with Suchy. He is a dream come true for every football team and is definitely a very valuable asset. He is an absolute star and is an amazing pick for the team.

AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction
AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction


Zentner: He is the champion of the league. He is a true inspiration for all and has a skill of steel. His zest and passion for his game are the reason for the team’s success and he is one of the biggest contributors to the same.

Lavalee: Known for his strategy and planning, this player is an absolutely fabulous contender. He is a great pick for the team as he adds a lot of value and experience to the set and is a huge contributor to the team’s victory in all the past matches.

AUG VS MAZ Dream11 Prediction

Assessing all the above-mentioned facts, it is no lie that Augsburg is a greater team as compared to Mainz. They have won a considerable number of matches and in terms of players, they have a more seasoned and experienced set. It is very much possible that due to this, the ball in the next match will be in their court and they will achieve victory.

Prediction winner: Augsburg

Dream Team:

  • Lenesis
  • Hanin
  • Lavalee
  • Koubek
  • Zentner
  • Suchy
  • Dahmen

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