Blackjack side bets explained – What are side bets in blackjack?

Blackjack Side Bets have the potential to increase your interest and engrossment in the game. Why do people play games? Why do they gamble? What impulse do people act on while playing money-based games? The answer is an easy one. It’s the prospect of winning that makes it so enticing for the players to keep on playing and betting. What do you think would happen if the likelihood of a win increased for these players? Yes, you thought correctly. 

With the increase in winning probability, the interest and experience of the players will reach the peak. That is exactly what blackjack side bets do. To experience this elating feeling, make sure to try india’s one of the best online casino site i.e. Akkha casino. They provide the best gaming experience.

Before we move forward, let me ask another question.

What exactly are side bets and how do they increase your chances of winning?

Side bets are the special bets you can place along with your main bet. It is necessary for you to place the main bet first. Later, you can move along with placing any number of side bets. However, you cannot place the Bet Behind bet. According to the rule, you can win the side bet even if you lose your main bet. This means that the probability of your winning the side bet does not depend on the probability of your winning the main bet, which, in the final analysis, increases your winning chances. 

In addition to that, side bets have the potential of making you earn up to 2000 times your placed bet. Imagine the pleasure winning would bring at such a great win!

Now, let’s discuss all the online blackjack side bets available in online casino business, one of them being “akkha casino”.

  1. Perfect pairs: Your first two cards decide the result in this online blackjack side bet. It depends on what you or the dealer gets dealt with and whether it is a pair or not. According to the type of pair you get, you will be given the payout. 

In the case where the revealed cards show different cards as well as different suits, it is called a Mixed Pair

If the revealed cards show cards with the same colour but different suits, we are looking at a Colored Pair

And, if the cards revealed have the same colour and same suit, Perfect Pair is what we call it. 

  1.  21+3: We are talking about the most popular side bet of the online blackjack side bets. If your cards, in combination to the dealer’s hand, create a five card poker hand, you will get paid. But once again, your payout depends upon the hand you reveal. 

There are 5 hands that are valid for a win:

  • FLUSH, in which all the cards display same suit. 
  • STRAIGHT, in which five cards show a sequence. 
  • THREE OF A KIND, in which the cards are three of the same kind.
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH, in which five cards of the same suit, are in sequence.
  • SUITED TRIPLE, in which three cards are of the same kind and belong to the same suit. 
  1. Bust It: This blackjack side bet is placed if and when the dealer busts their hand. The payout of this bet is decided according to the number of cards used to bust. In the situation where the cards required are three, the payout is 1:1, whereas if the number of cards is eight, the payout will be 250:1. Moreover, this side bet is offered by the Evolution Infinite Blackjack table.
  1. Buster: Offered exclusively by All Bets Blackjack Live table from Playtech, this blackjack side bet packs a punch. It is similar to the Bust It side bet, however, there is a miniscule difference that if the player has a blackjack and the dealer wins a bust it side bet with 8 cards, the payout you receive will be 2000:1. Isn’t that amazing?
  1. Hot 3: Combination that are valid for this blackjack side bet are based on the total cards including your initial two cards and dealer’s up cards, provided the total is either 19 or 21.
  1. Bet Behind: In this blackjack side bet, main bet is not required to be placed. You are supposed to bet for the other dealer as if its your bet and vice versa and you can win a good amount of money. 

With the blackjack side bets pointed out, remember to never take Insurance side bet, if offered, it does not pay well and you risk of losing is too much. 

With that said, remember that while some online casino businesses do not provide an experience worth reliving,” akkha casino” makes it worth your while. 

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