Blackjack Strategy: Dealer’s Up Card

Ever been to Akkha casino and played a round of blackjack? Do you have a penchant for card games but keep losing? Today we will reveal a simple trick to help you understand and play blackjack better.


Blackjack is a complex game with a lot of levels where clever gamblers can acquire an advantage over the game, although it is relatively simple to master. Understanding the blackjack strategy: dealer’s up card is one technique that will give you a great advantage.

Rules for the dealer

First and foremost, you must learn the blackjack strategy: dealer’s up card rules & regulations. The norm varies from different tables and games, but it commonly looks like this:

  • One card is dealt face up while the other is dealt face down to the dealer.
  • During a round in gameplay, the dealer must be the last person to play.
  • Until they reach 17, the dealer usually has to draw cards for themselves.
  • He must not split, fold, or double down.

What can you learn from the dealer’s hand?

We can gain considerable insight from the blackjack strategy: dealer’s up card  because they must follow the rules outlined above.

When adopting a simple blackjack tactic, one of the biggest elements to keep count of is the dealer’s up-card. Because the typical winning sum is considered to be 18.5, if a player manages to reach 19 or more, he or she enters the “blackjack player safe zone.”

Another common assumption is that 6 out of 13 times, the dealer has the edge. So, if he or she receives, a powerful face-up card, they may most likely succeed.

Two, or three up card

Either of these cards will indicate that the dealer does not have an immediately eligible hand, which means he or she cannot stand the round and will have to hit at least once or even more than once to match the regulations.

Here, the dealer has a 35 percent – 37.41 percent chance of being busted, while the player has a 10– 13.5 percent chance of winning, depending on your cards.

However, due to the possibility of going bust with an extra card, the method recommends standing strong on 13–17.

Four, five, or six-up card

These are the worst potential cards for the dealer to receive, as they raise the danger of being busted. With these cards, the busted probability ranges from 39.58 percent to 42.28 percent.

Seven or eight up card

These cards are neutral because they do not instantly benefit anyone.

Nevertheless, should you hold a hand that could be broken by a Hit, a dealer presenting any of them as these cards can be an issue for the player? Hitting at 12–16 and standing at 17s or above is the common tactic employed.

Nine to Ace up card (this includes face cards)

These cards seem to be the most difficult cards to deal with, thus, it’s recommended to play it safe here.

  • If you are playing with six-deck cards and soft 17 rules, the chances of the dealer getting busted are 16.17 percent – 23 percent.
  • If the dealer has a nine or an Ace, hit for 12–15, and if they have a ten, hit for 12–14.
  • Receiving the best advantage in the game
  • If you want to improve your game, and earn some winnings, ensure you master the fundamentals properly.

This entails understanding gameplay and maintaining a healthy financial relationship. After all, if you’ve got a gambling problem in akkha casino and are facing losses, no technique or skill can help you turn the tables around. These are just some pointers to help you predict the most possible outcomes.


There are a lot of online sites, gambling dens, etc. to play card games at. You can enjoy playing a simple round of poker at home if you own the cards, knowledge and of course money or chips. In case you want to play with new opponents check out Akkha Casino online!

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