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Blackjack is one of the most classical casino games played for real money. There are multiple blackjack variations are available at Akkha Casino for high-limit blackjack tables to make the game more interesting. Blackjack is played against the dealer or the house and the odds of winning are quite high as it is based on experience and strategy. 

Like Roulette and Slot games, blackjack is a classical casino game popular among millions of players all around the world. The number 21 is has become the life mantra for many professional players. 

Players who like to bet big and win big enjoy playing the different versions of Blackjack to keep their excitement level to the top.

Players who play high-limit blackjack might have encountered these blackjack variations already and know they are just the ways to make the game more exciting.

In all the blackjack variations, most of the basic rules are similar to classic blackjack with slight amendments to favor the players or house. 

Here are the popular blackjack variations played at high limit blackjack tables:

1. Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is one of the most popular alternatives to the classic blackjack. In this high-limit blackjack version, all the cards of “10” have been taken out from all the decks in the game. It is a player-friendly game as it increases the players winning odds and or ends up in a tie. 

Dealers must hit the Soft 17 and if both the dealer and player hit the blackjack then odds are in the favor of the player and gets the payout of 3:2. the rules of Spanish 21 vary from casino to casino but the standard rules are the same.

Some players prefer Spanish 21 over classical blackjack at high limit blackjack tables as it increases the players winning odds and the payout is great.

2. Face Up 21

it is also known as Face Up Blackjack and Double Exposure. This blackjack variation provides a huge advantage to players because all the dealer’s cards are also face up from the beginning.

Face Up 21 provides clarity to the players and eliminates the risk factor. Players can make clear decisions to Hit, Stand, Split, and many more. However, in the case of a tie where both player and dealer hit the jackpot, all ties go to the house.

It is essential to know the basics of regular blackjack to play Face Up 21 exceptionally. The payout is 1:1. this game surely gives the power to player’s hands but if the players are not strategically strong and experienced then players can lose more hands. Although, high-limit blackjack players prefer this blackjack variation over the classical.

3. Blackjack Switch

In a blackjack switch, two hands of cards are dealt with the players simultaneously instead of one, and players are allowed to exchange the top cards between hands. If the dealer’s hand value is a total of 22 pushes all player’s hands except a straight or natural blackjack. 

It is the opposite version of classical blackjack and thus the payout. The payout is 1:1 at a natural or straight blackjack and 3:2 if the players hit a standard blackjack. Many online casinos also provide the option of side bets at high limit blackjack such as Akkha Casino.

4. Pontoon

Pontoon is very similar to Spanish 21. it allows the players to Hit even after a Double Down unlike the regular blackjack up to five- cards. It is when a player gets the natural hand of Ace and a ten-value card. The payout in pontoon is 2:1

It differs from regular blackjack as the player can still get the payout of 2:1 after the split instead of 1:1. players are allowed to exceed a five-card hand and if it adds up to 21 then the payout is at 2:1 and it is known as Charlie.

However, in case of a tie, House always wins

5. Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-hand Blackjack is a game for expert blackjack players and high rollers. There is a chance to win more money, especially in high-limit blackjacks but the loss is big as well. It is a fast game and keeping up with all the players is difficult.

Five hands are played at the same time. Therefore, turning your winning hand into a lost one increases your anxiety levels and makes the game more exciting. The basic strategy is similar to regular blackjack and the payout is great.

6. Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The perfect pair blackjack variation game is for the players who enjoy betting more than playing strategically. This is a regular version of blackjack with a slight betting twist. Players are allowed to place bets on perfect pairs.

Now, we understand the odds are very unlikely among 6-8 decks to get the same number card. This is why the payout is exceptional. Players have to place a side bet at the beginning of the regular blackjack. If players are dealt with 2 cards of the same value, you get the payout of 5:1, if the player gets the perfect pair of the same value and color but different suit then the payout is 10:1.

Perfect pair blackjack is when a player has the same value, color, and suit card as there are multiple decks in blackjack then the payout is 30:1. it has no direct effect on the game but these side bets make the game thrilling.

As the odds are very high to get the perfect pair, therefore only very few casinos with high limit blackjack tables offer this variation.

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Which Variation of blackjack can be played live?

Blackjack is a game played as opposed to the dealer or house thus all the blackjack variations are available online at a live casino. Players can play these high-limit blackjacks versions on online casinos which have a provider like Ezugi and Evolution such as Akkha Casino and enjoy the different versions of blackjack high-limit tables live.

All the above blackjack variations are popular among high rollers all across the globe. Our advice is to learn the basic strategy of classic blackjack before moving to these variations as it will increase your winning odds and minimize your losses.

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