Coritiba vs Cuiabá | Brazilian Serie – A | COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction: Match Details, Head To Head And Dream Team

Coritiba vs Cuiabá | Brazilian Serie – A | COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction


Brazilian Series A is the primary football competition in the country and a people’s favorite. Every single year people anticipate this tournament like no other and love it to bits. The two teams competing are Coritiba and Cuiaba. Both the teams have a fabulous record and are going to give each other a very tough competition. In the last game that they faced each other, which very well defines their standing in the game, both the teams had a draw at the score of 3-3. This has really shocked everybody as now the upcoming match has created a stir over who will beat the other and win the game. Coritiba stands at 66 points whereas Cuiaba stands at 52 points.

COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction
COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction

Match Details

  • Date: 26th July 2022
  • Time: 04:30 AM IST
  • Venue: Couto Periers

Head to Head

  • Matches played: 2
  • Cuiaba wins: 1
  • Coritiba wins: 0
  • Draw: 1

The above-mentioned statistics show that both the teams are quite new to each other and haven’t faced one another much, however, the tough competition is very much evident as one match played has resulted in a draw, which shows the nature of the competitors and makes prediction very difficult.

Probable lineup


Walter; Lucas, Marllon, Empereur, Uendel; Camilo; Alesson, Gava, Osorio, Valdivia; Elton


Cassius; Rafael Ramos (Bruno Méndez), Gil, Raul Gustavo; Cantillo, Du Queiroz (Roni) and Giuliano; Adson, Gustavo Silva (Willian) and Róger Guedes

Top Picks


Adson: He is the most inspirational player on the team who has never failed to impress the viewers with his charm and skill. He is an extremely valuable player who has turned the tables for the team.

Roger Guedes: Roger has always proved to be an asset to the team. He has always made sure that no matter what direction the game goes, the ball remains in his court. He is a gem and a wonderful athlete. 



COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction
COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction

Gava: He is a star. He has always been one. All the players look up to Gava and have always admired the kind of charm he has and has always been a great contributor to the team.

Elton: He has an edge in his talent and skill and the way he projects himself. He has a god-gifted skill of speed and nobody can catch him. He is totally a top pick for the game.

COBT VS CUI Dream11 Prediction

Both teams have given each other a tough time and are up for grabs. However, Cuiaba has become a much stronger team as compared to Coritiba in the latest matches and hence they have a higher chance of winning.

Prediction winner: Cuiaba

Dream Team

  • Walter; Lucas, Du Queiroz, Roni,
  • Giuliano, Adson, Gustavo Silva,
  • Willian, Róger Guedes,
  • Marllon, Empereur

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