Who is the father of Cricket in 2022

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. It has a rich history and is played at various levels. The game has been played for centuries and there are many variations of the game. In this blog, we’ll discuss who is the father of cricket but just before that we need to know more about cricket.

Cricket is also one of the most widely followed sports in India with cricket fans making up a substantial proportion of the country’s population. The game is an integral part of Indian culture and it continues to be popular across the world.

Cricket is a sport that is practiced in over 150 countries around the world. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made every effort to elevate the sport to a new level on a worldwide scale. Cricket was only a recreational pastime before the ICC and other cricket boards assumed control of the sport.

Nowadays, young people make significant sacrifices in their lives in order to get the opportunity to play international cricket for their country. This was also done previously by a man named William Gilbert Grace.

However, when WG Grace gave up so much of his life for cricket, it was a relatively unknown sport. Also, the ‘future’ that today’s young cricketers perceive in the sport as a result of enormous investments in the sport was not present before. The organizers of the cricket competition had to work very hard to find a suitable sponsor.

There was a period when the BCCI had to pay Doordarshan money to have the matches aired in India. The situation has now completely changed. To secure the rights to transmit cricket matches in India, broadcasters must pay the BCCI thousands of crores. All of this, however, would not have been possible if WG Grace had not worked so hard for the game’s bright future.

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Who is referred to as the “Father of Cricket”?

As previously stated, William Gilbert Grace, an English cricketer, is considered as the “Father of Cricket.” On August 18, 1848, near Bristol, the great player was born. On October 23, 1915, he died after a 67-year life. The ODI format did not exist when he was playing cricket. He represented MCC, Gloucestershire, and London County in cricket.

Why is WG Grace referred to as the “Father of Cricket”?

In his cricket career, WG Grace only played 22 Test matches. He is still referred to as the “Father of Cricket.” Any modern-day cricket fan would respond that Sachin Tendulkar merited this title, whereas an older fan would refer to Sir Donald Bradman as the Father of the Game. The fact that WG Grace played 44 first-class seasons in English cricket is the rationale for this moniker.

Grace, on the other hand, put in the time and effort to make the sport great. The contribution of WG Grace to the sports WG Grace’s contribution was so remarkable that no one else would have taken such a risk at the time. India was still under English rule, and we’re talking about a time when even Englishmen weren’t particularly wealthy.

In his first-class career, Grace amassed 126 centuries and 254 half-centuries. It is stated that the great player put in a lot of effort to help his country develop the game. He was capable of performing any sport-related skill. WG Grace’s illustrious career included batting, bowling, fielding, and even wicket-keeping. As a result, he is usually regarded as the founder of cricket.

When it comes to Sachin Tendulkar, the former Indian batter is recognized as the “God of Cricket.” Virat Kohli, sometimes known as King Kohli, is closing in on his totals. Cricket, on the other hand, will never return to the glory days of the 1880s.

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