GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction | NBA 2021-22 | Golden State Warriors VS Phoenix Suns: Match Details, Head To Head And Dream Team

GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction | NBA 2021-22 | Golden State Warriors VS Phoenix Suns


If there is one game that can act as a binding force for the entire global sport-loving community, it is Basketball. Basketball is that one game that has a super fan base and its most immensely followed and popular championship is the NBA. The NBA is in a true sense the most-watched champion globally and has a set of impeccable teams competing with each other to gain victory. The two teams competing are Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns. Both the teams have an amazing groundbreaking record and are known for their mighty victories. In the previous match against The Grizzlies, however, The Golden State Warriors had a bad fate and had to lose by a score of 123-95. On the other hand, The Phoenix Suns had a sweeping victory against The Philadelphia 76ers in their previous match by the score of 114-104. Regardless of this, both the teams have an absolutely amazing record and are ferocious rivals to each other making the match a very thrilling experience and leaving very little room for prediction

GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction
GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction

Match Details:

  • Date: 30th  March 2022
  • Time: 10:00 PM ET
  • Venue:. Chase Center

Head to Head:

  • Matches played: 254 Regular Season Games
  • Warriors win: 111
  • Suns win: 143
  • Draw: None

The head-to-head statistics clearly show that both the teams have an impeccable record in this sport and are giving each other a very tough competition. Both the teams have a great chance of winning even though The Phoenix Suns have won more matches and expectations are a little higher there. The Warriors though have a great set of players and thus prediction is very difficult in this case.

Probable Lineup:

Golden State Warriors: PG: Jordan Poole, SG: Klay Thompson, SF: Andrew Wiggins, PF: Draymond Green, C: Kevon Looney

Phoenix Suns: PG: Chris Paul, SG: Devin Booker, SF: Mikal Bridges, PF: Jae Crowder, C: Deandre Ayton

Top Picks:

Golden State Warriors:

Andrew Wiggens: Andrew is a great basketball player and was the first overall pick in the team. He is a true team spirit and brings great value to the team. He is a wonderful asset and is a huge contributor to the team’s success.

Kevon Looney: Kevon has earned the second-team all-conference honors and is one of the most reliable players. He has always been a huge contributor to the team’s success and has always added value to the team making victory a near reality in every championship.

GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction
GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction

Phoenix Suns:

Chris Paul: Chris, also called CP3, is the star of the show. He is known for his strategic planning and management skills as well as his passion for the game. He is a great pick for all the valuable contributions he has made in the victory of the team so far.

Devin Booker: Devin is the son of a very famous basketball player and has the same genes as his father. He is an immensely talented and popular player and is known for his skills. He is truly a champion and is an amazing player and a great asset to the team.

GSW VS PHX Dream11 Prediction

The two teams that are rivals have an equal level of expertise as well as performance capabilities, as well as a set of teammates. However as the Phoenix Suns have more wins in their lot, it seems that they have an upper hand in the next game. Their chances of emerging as the winner are comparatively more and thus it is safe to bet on this team.

Prediction winner: Phoenix Suns

Dream Team:

  • Chris Paul
  • Andrew Wiggens
  • Devin Booker
  • Mikal Bridges
  • Kevon Looney

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