High Limit Blackjack – Play Online Blackjack at Akkha Casino

Blackjack is a popular casino game among players all over the world. Blackjack can be loosely divided into 2 groups- high limit blackjack and low limit blackjack when played for real money.

Both in real and online casino platforms like Akkha Casino, tables are divided based on the betting price money by players. High-limit blackjack and low-limit blackjack are similar games with one main difference in betting money. 

High-limit blackjack tables are mostly by play by the professionals who like to win big bets in one go. Most of the high-limit blackjack tables have set their initial betting limit and it can go as high as the players like.

How To Play High Limit Blackjack?

Blackjack is quite an easy game and odds of winning are quite high in high-limit blackjack. The objective of the game is simple, players are supposed to draw the card numbers as close to 21 but not over. Players are supposed to place their bets at the beginning before the dealer starts dealing with the cards. High-limit blackjack games can be played with 2,4,6, and 8 decks of cards.

Step 1– Dealers dealt 2 cards to each player with face up and dealt 2 cards for themselves with 1 card face up.

Step 2 – After the evaluation of the cards, the player decided whether they want to Hit, Stand, Split, Double Down, Surrender, or Insurance. 

Step 3– Dealer reveals its second card

Step 4– now, whoever has the high value of 21 or closest to 21 wins the game. If the player won, the dealer will immediately transfer the winning amount. 

However, anyone whose card value is more than 21 including the dealer will get the bust and lose the game

The basic rules of the blackjack game remains always same. In high-limit blackjack games, players also get the option of insurance to save their betting amount from the loss and surrender to reduce the value of their loss amount.

They are the advanced options that might differ slightly based on the online platform you are playing at and its variations. Top high-limit blackjack casinos like Akkha casino offer advance options with sign-up bonuses to make the game entice their customers and keep the game entertaining.

Payouts And Winning Odds In High Limit Blackjack 

As we mentioned earlier, the basic rules of the game are always the same despite the different versions of the game. Therefore, the odds of winning and payout ratio is similar as well. 

If you hit a straight blackjack or the value of your cards is exactly 21 then your payout will be 3:2. For example, you bet Rs.5000 and won the game with a straight or natural blackjack then the dealer will pay an amount of Rs.7,500.

If the player won the game with a plain blackjack or with the cards of the closest value of 21 then the payout ratio will be 1:1. 

The high-limit blackjack game has high odds of winning if the player is experienced and good in numbers. Blackjack is more of a strategy game than luck. First, high limit blackjack has a low number of players in comparison to low limit blackjack games which increase your odds f winning automatically. 

After the cards are dealt then the player’s decision to Hit, Stand, Split, Double Down, Insurance, or Surrender will change the course of action and if you are familiar with basics then your odds of winning increase exponentially while minimizing your loss.

As the bets are already high in the high-limit blackjack game. The player can increase their winning odds by keeping the track of the high and low-value cards left in the deck to make a calculative strategy.

Common Blackjack Terms

here are a few common terms that are also the important game rules that can help you to increase your winning odds.

  1. Hit – If your hand value is below 16 then you can ask the dealer to hit you with another card to increase your winning chances
  2. Stand– players can choose to stand if their hand value is already close to 21 and ask the dealer to go on another player
  3. Split– if your hand value is already highest then you have the option to split your cards to increase your odds that the dealer will deal you 2 more cards.
  4. Double Down– in high-limit blackjack games, players have the option to double their bets mid-hand but will get only one card and won’t have the option to take another. 
  5. Insurance– If the dealer’s face-up card shows an Ace. It means that the dealer is inviting players to take insurance. It helps in protecting your betting amount if the dealer has a card valued at 10.
  6. Surrendering– Some online casinos with high-limit blackjack tables offer this option to their players if they don’t like their hand value. It allows the player to surrender half value of their betting money and quit the game instead of losing the whole amount.

Our advice is to read the rules of the high-limit blackjack and their betting terms and conditions before starting playing. Online casinos like Akkha casino offers different variations of the game and advanced options might differ from other platforms and games.

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