Mazatlan FC VS Tigres | Mexican League | MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction: Fantasy Tips, Top Picks, Dream Team, & Match Results

Mazatlan FC VS Tigres | Mexican League | MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction


Football is the only sport whose viewership never decreases or degrades. The Mexican league is the most anticipated championship and has a huge audience. It is that tournament that always leaves its viewers on the edges of their seats to witness a gripping match between ambitious teams to bag the trophy. The two teams competing are Mazalton and Tigres. Both the teams are very ferocious and are giving each other a very tough competition. Both have a superb record and have won their respective previous matches in the league thus making it extremely difficult to predict the winner.

MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction
MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction

Match Details

  • Date: July 9th, 2022
  • Time: 05:30 AM IST
  • Venue: Estadio de Mazatlan

Head to Head

  • Matches played: 2
  • Montreal wins: 0
  • Galaxy wins: 0
  • Draw: 2

This statistic is the most unique head-to-head. Both the teams are in the exact same position having the same number of wins. This fact has made the game even more challenging by making prediction a near to impossible task and making the audience witness a cutthroat competition.

Probable Line-Up


N.vikonis, C.Varges, Alanis, Vidrio, Colula, Intriago, Meraz, Fabian, Benedtti, Bello, Sosa


Barcenas, Cedillo, Guterrez, G.lopez, Yoger. nogueira, Orona, Padilla, R.Sandoval, Sansores, E.Sanchez

MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction
MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction

Top Picks


  1. Meraz: Meraz is a champion. He was always a team motivator and has been an inspiration for all others. He is truly a great pick.
  2. Sosa is the star of the show. Known for his calculated movements, he always steals the show. He is an asset to the team as he has always been a huge contributor to the team’s success and has always added value to the team.


  1. Orona is a diamond for the team. He has received the Most Valuable Player Award at the championship thrice which speaks for itself. He is one of the most reliable players that ensures success and victory for the team.
  2. Lopez is an absolute asset to the team of Galaxy. He is known for being a great team motivator that acts as a binder for everyone on the team. He is immensely talented and skilled and wins the show by just being in it.

MAZ VS TIG Dream11 Prediction

Both the teams have very promising records and set of players. Having very little difference in the previous matches, both the teams have managed to secure a very nice position in the tournament. However, considering the experience of the teammates of the Tigres and the amount of zest and zeal they have shown in the previous games, it won’t be wrong to predict that they will come out victorious in the upcoming match.

Prediction Winner: The Tigres

Dream Team

  • Intriago, Meraz, Guterrez,
  • G.lopez, Yoger. nogueira, Orona,
  • Padilla, Fabian, Benedtti
  • Bello, Sosa

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