Online Lightning Roulette – How to play, Rules and Strategy

Online gaming has been gaining an off-the-charts reputation lately. It’s not just the gaming itself, but everything that comes with it. The added benefits, the exhilarating fun, and better and innovative techniques have all been adding up to the popularity of the gaming business. Akkha Casino has been gaining just as much popularity because of its great quality service.

Among the many online games and gambling, Online Lightning Roulette has been gaining an edge over many other gaming innovations. In fact, Lightning Roulette received the award for Product Innovation of the Year at Global Gaming Awards, G2E Las Vegas. Not only that, but this amazing game also won the EGR’s Game of the Year 2018.

What exactly is Lightning Roulette? 

Roulette is a casino game in which players can bet on either single or various groupings of numbers, on a color of their choice and it could either be odd or even. 

In order to find out the end result, as in, what the winning number is and who won, it is up to a croupier to spin a roulette wheel in a singular direction, whereas, the roulette ball is to be spun in the opposite direction. 

When the ball, after spinning, comes close to losing its momentum and eventually falls into one of 37, 38, or 39 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel, the winning and the winner are decided.

The online lightning roulette is similar in many ways to real-life roulette. The roulette wheel, a live croupier, and a series of roulette bets are all presented to you for a world-class experience even better than real-life roulette.

This online game is a lot like experiencing a TV game show. Akkha Casino is an amazing example of it.

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What are the Lightning Roulette Rules?

Like every other game, lightning roulette also has a set of rules you need to go by. Rules are what make every winning in a game even more exhilarating. Akkha Casino gives you an amazing gaming experience making you want to play again and again. In order to play lightning roulette, irrespective of whether you are playing simple lightning roulette or online lightning roulette, you will be enforced by rules such as:

  1. In lightning roulette, players can bet on the full series of roulette bets very similar to the traditional roulette bets. 
  2. After the wheel has been spun, whoever the dealer is, is supposed to pull a lever, triggering lightning by which, all the wheel panels are struck. 
  3. That lightning randomly selects a lucky number.
  4. The players get certain beneficial chances to win from randomly generated numbers termed as Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. It could be a win between 50x and 500x depending upon your betting value. 
  5. The Lucky Numbers are generated only after the players have all, placed their bets. 
  6. The Lucky Payouts sanctioned are between 50 and 500:1 in the situation where the ball not only lands on the Lucky Number but also the player has placed a Straight Up bet on that particular number. 
  7. The Straight bets that are not multiplied have a payout of 30:1. 
  8. Any other bet similar to the traditional roulette pays the amount which is also similar to the traditional roulette. 

Is there any Lightning Roulette Strategy that should be applied?

It is not easy basing your trust on games with any surety of the winning chances. However, that is exactly what makes it more fun, the not-knowing factor of it all. With that said, it is still true that winning a game such as this requires a certain amount of strategy

Many people have a lot of lightning roulette tricks up their sleeves, however, it’s better to keep true to the strategic method of playing lightning roulette.

  1. A very common and known strategy is betting on every single number on the roulette wheel. This way, the chances of your loss may be a huge risk, but the probability of your securing one of the lucky numbers, thereby getting a handsome amount of reward is far greater. 
  2. The next strategy is called the Paroli System in which you have to double your bets only after you win, and keep up with the same betting amount if you lose. 
  3. Now we find out about the La Bouchere Strategy which means dividing your betting chips in a decided manner. To apply this, you need to spread all your betting chips in a horizontal line. After that, pick the first and last numbers on your line and use them to finalize how much you want to wager. Continue this process, and by the end, you’d have made an even number of bets increasing your winning chances.

Online Lightning Roulette has been making huge progress and growth. It’s platforms like Akkha Casino that make the gaming business so great and worthwhile.

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