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A three dice based Chinese origin game, Sic Bo, also referred to by names such as Tai sai, dai siu, and hi-lo, is a game of chance. 

Sic Bo game is an ancient casino game that involves betting on the revelation of a predicted condition upon rolling three dice. For the player to win, the three dice has to roll exactly what he predicted, which is why it is called a game of chance. 

Like many other traditional games, Sic Bo has also been adapting to the digital world. Sic Bo online casino game is exactly the same and the online availability of this game has made it known to the people all over the world to play sic bo online real money. 

Though not very popular, up until now, the game sic bo online is a beauty. It is a lot more complicated than other online casino games, but once you understand its rules and strategies, it’s a lot more fun to play. To make gaming more fun, Akkha casino has been providing great techniques and innovations for you to enjoy.

The steps involved in playing Sic bo online casino are: 

  1. As a casino sic bo strategy, the bet is placed on areas that show the outcome you are wagering on by placing your betting chips on them.
  2. The dices are rolled to reveal the final outcome.
  3. For every right number or numbers, you get yourself a win, whereas, for every prediction gone wrong, you lose.

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The bets involved while playing Sic bo online are:

1. Small and Big Bets

  • The Small bet refers to any bet between 4 and 10 to be the sum of dice, where the numbers, 4 and 10, are included as well.
  • The Big bet refers to any bet between 11 and 17 to be the sum of dice, where the numbers, 11 and 17, are included as well. 

This is the best bet you can choose to place in a Sic bo game. With that said, the numbers 3 and 18 have not been used because, any triple sum, which means either 1-1-1 or a 6-6-6, is a losing bet. 

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2. Other Sum Bets

While you play sic bo online real money, you can also choose to bet on an entire sum of numbers instead of a specific number for a specific dice. However, the chances of winning here are unknown. A bet on a sum of 4 or 17 can give you the edge on winning and they have the most payout as well. 

3. Single Dice Bet

As a casino sic bo strategy, making this bet means you are predicting for a single number to be displayed on one, two or all three dice. 

An appearance of the predicted number on a single dice will provide a 1 to 1 payout, on two dice will provide a payout of 2 to 1, and that on three will give 3 to 1 as payout. 

4. Double and Triple Bets

When you bet on two dice displaying the same number, it’s called double bet. Triple bet means predicting that all three dice will have the same number. 

The payout in case of double bets is 10 to 1 and that of triple bets is 30 to 1. However, the chances of winning here are very low. 

5. Two Dice Combination Bets

Two Dice Combination bets or domino bets predict the outcome of not one but two dice at the same time and pays 5 to 1. 

Now, when it comes to strategic wins, this term is not meant for Sic Bo game as it is entirely up to luck whether you win or lose. Nevertheless, you can still keep in mind certain strategic tips.

  • Do not go for multiple bets as they not just increase your winning chances, but also your losing chances. 
  • Make sure to use the best bets, i.e., the small and big bets, as they provide you with more of a winning chance. 
  • Don’t fall for the gambler’s tricks. 

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