Slow Playing in Poker- Tips and Strategy

In the world of card games, Poker holds a place and rank that is quite unparalleled, and the popularity that the game enjoys amongst card lovers all over the world is immense. If you have been playing this game for quite some time now, chances are that you are aware of all the tricks and techniques that go into making someone a champion at this game. A fusion of strategy, skills, experience, and luck, poker is played in different formats all over the world, and the history of the game is quite a debatable one, as historians are at crossroads regarding the actual origin of this sport.

As online casinos are becoming popular day by day, the popularity of poker has exploded amongst people who were earlier unaware of the game, for whatsoever reasons, and they are winning big cash prizes by playing it right as well.

One technique that is used by poker stars all over the world is called slow playing, and that is exactly what we will be taking a look at here. So, shuffle your decks and start.

What is slow playing?

 Well, slow playing is a technique that is commonly used in poker as a form of deception, wherein a player may bet weakly and cheaply, while the cards that he holds are pretty strong. Now you may be questioning why would anyone bet slowly if they know that they pack a lot of firepower. Therein lies the deception, where the opponent would be manipulated into thinking that they hold the advantage, and create a pot, which they then might fold to a raise. Additionally, the opponent may place higher and higher bets if they are under the impression that they are winning, compared to what they would’ve done if our player had played aggressively.

There are inherent risks involved with slow playing as well, especially if the opposition checks out as well. Moreover, the technique of slow playing isn’t quite effective when it comes to online matches and low- matches, as quite a few average players are competing in such a scene, and they would not get these advanced playing methods like a professional would do and appreciate in high stakes games.

There are a few conditions that one must watch out for if they want to execute a slow play that would be profitable, which helps the player stave off defeats or losses.

  • We must have a very strong and capable hand if we want to execute a successful slow play.
  • The cheap or free card that the player decides to play, must pack the potential of making a good second-best hand.
  • The free card that the player gives up, must not provide the opponent with a strong hand while ensuring that they don’t even get a chance to create a strong hand from the pot there is.
  • Such a move must exude confidence in the player that he would be able to drive out other players from the arena, but would be able to strike it big if they stay in the pot.
  • The size of the pot matters immensely, and shouldn’t be very large as well, so as to maximize the winning potential.

While deciding to slow play, it is important to assess one’s image. By doing so, an aggressive bluffer would be less likely to have a slow play and vice versa. Now, let us take a look at the tricks that one can follow to win it big in poker.

  • It is always a good idea to slow play against loose or aggressive opponents, as that would be the perfect trap for them to be lured into, considering the fact that you possess a strong hand yourself. By doing this, you can capture the chips that they possess, and this is a technique that operates best in high-stakes environments, as the players there would be aware of the techniques being used.
  • You can slow play in a heads-up situation, and it is always a good idea to do so in a case wherein two players are competing against each other, rather than in the case of a multi-pot. If the opposition turns out to be a loose or aggressive player, then this can be tried out in such cases as well.
  • In case there is a multi-pot board with several players competing for the top spot, the prospect of slow playing should be avoided, as there may be multiple strong hands in the game. In such a case, there may be multiple turn and river cards, and that could be problematic if you decide to slow play in such a situation.

Final take

 In poker, there are no hard and fast win-and-lose strategies, and one must be open to experiments and chances as well. Slow playing can be an excellent option in certain cases, but not in others. It is advisable that you study the situation carefully, before deciding on whether you want to slow play or not. If you are looking to enjoy and test your poker skills online, Akkhacasino is the perfect place to do so online. Indulge your senses in the best online casino games in India, while standing the chance to win big as well.

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