WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction | Europa League | West Ham United VS Lyon: Match Details, Head To Head And Dream Team

WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction | Europa League | West Ham United VS Lyon


All the football fans are glued to the screens due to this upcoming ferocious match between two groundbreaking teams: West Ham United VS Lyon. Both the teams have the eye of an eagle and the speed of a cheetah. With their wistful strategies and swift movements, they have taken over the entire league. Due to the strong nature of both the teams, watching them compete will keep the viewers on the edges of their seats. However, along with skill and talent, fate plays a great role in determining the winner, and to reflect that, previous performances need to be assessed. In the last match against The Everton, Ham United showcased immense expertise in their game and won by the score of 2-1. On the other hand, Lyon is no less as it also passed with flying colors against The Angers, by the score of 3-2. Watching the sweeping victories of both the dashing teams, it is evident that the match is going to be a tough fight between the rivals, making the viewers very excited but the prediction equally challenging.

WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction
WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction

Match Details

  • Date: 8th April 2022
  • Time: 12:30 AM IST
  • Venue: London Stadium

Head to Head:

  • Matches played: 45
  • Ham United:  21
  • Lyon: 10
  • Draw: 14

The head-to-head statistics are very clear with the fact that West Ham United has an upper hand in this tournament. More wins show a greater chance of winning but on the other hand, The Lyon has also done much better in terms of their strategies in their previous matches and hence they can’t be taken lightly also. All this reflects that the prediction is very challenging.

Probable Lineup:

West Ham United: Areola; Coufal, Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell; Rice, Soucek; Bowen, Fornals, Benrahma; Antonio

Lyon: Lopes; Gusto, Boateng, Lukeba, Emerson; Mendes, Ndombele; Faivre, Paqueta, Aouar; Dembele

Top Picks

The West Ham United

Coufal: Hailing from the Czech Republic, this footballer is one of the most known footballers of all time. He is a great asset to the team and is an absolutely amazing pick to ensure victory.

Zouma: Known for being a team motivator, he is the binder of the players. He always makes sure that every player delivers at the maximum capacity and is a wonderful teammate as well.

WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction
WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction

The Lyon:

Lopes: Lopes is an exceptionally good player and is very well recognized among all for his strategies. He possesses great leadership qualities and has very high capabilities. He is a great asset and a valuable player for the team.

Mendes: There is no doubt that Mendes is the champion of football. He is a fabulous player and has contributed greatly in the team’s victory over the years. He is a charm and is definitely a great pick for the team.

WHU VS LYN Dream11 Prediction

Both the teams have a very strong background as well as a set of players. However, looking at the facts, it cannot be ignored that West Ham United is stronger than The Lyon and have a better chance of winning the next game. Their set of players is more seasoned and are more strategic in tackling such games and thus it is safe to say that the bets should be on The West Ham United.

Prediction winner: West Ham United

Dream Team:

  • Zouma
  • Lukeba
  • Mendes
  • Gusto
  • Lopes
  • Coufal
  • Antonio
  • Aouar
  • Faivre
  • Dawson
  • Bowen

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