Why Am I Losing at Poker? Top 6 Reasons!


If you are a card game aficionado, chances are high that you will also love the game of poker. The history of the game is quite debatable and various game historians place different emphases on the origins of the game.

The betting aspect of the game has taken off in recent decades, and there is serious money to be made if one plays their cards in the right manner. The advent of online gaming casinos has also brought a new dimension into the game, and this has become extremely lucrative seemingly overnight.

But glitz and glamour of poker aside, several worldwide find it quite difficult to excel at this amazing game and blame their luck for their sub-par performances. This is especially sad, considering the fact that the game of poker relies heavily on long-term strategies and planning as well if nothing else.

Here, we will be taking a look at 6 such reasons why you may be losing at the game of poker, and how you can work on them to become a true champion of this extraordinary card game, be it offline or online.


Fold and turn and the river raises

 If you are in love with the game of poker, the first thing that you should know is that you must have faith in yourself over anything else. One of the realities of the modern day is that most of the low-stakes poker matches these days are hogged by passive players who may not be as engaged as you would want them to be, and this can exude a particular opportunity for you. You see, in these cases, a raise on the turn or river would easily mean that you would have a huge hand.

It is a great thing to have an AA or KK in your deck, and it can be painful to let them go, but doing that can help you stop losing at poker, thereby boosting your chances of winning big, while improving morale as well. Pocket kings and aces are certainly a boon, and they are much sought-after, but when it comes to winning a match, it is important to learn when you should fold an overpair, as that can make all the difference between losing at poker, and winning.


Avoid slow playing

 We have often witnessed world-famous poker stars slowplay their games, and win big in the process, and there is nothing wrong with doing that. After all, the results that this technique yields for them are pretty visible. But there is a major difference that we often forget to factor in while playing a poker match, and that is the factor that we usually aren’t playing in high-stakes matches against top opponents who are masters at their own crafts. We are playing against regular folk who love to call, and slowplaying against them would only lead us to defeat.

Instead, the best way of tackling this situation would be to play in the most direct manner possible. If you happen to get pocket aces, the best course of action would be to raise and re-raise them, thereby building the pot. This would certainly improve your chances of victory with big hands like AA or likewise. It is a bad idea to use world-class techniques against players who aren’t professionals, since that would just coast right over their heads, and won’t derive the desired results.


Having a big fish at the table

If you know what you are doing, it is important to identify the big fish at any poker table, as they are the ones who can be used to propel you away from defeat. Having such a guy at the table would prove to be a boon as they are the ones who result in the biggest cash wins, and one can identify them from their actions, like making bad calls, etc. In online games, you can use a HUD as that would help you identify players who have a VPIP of 40% or above, thereby denoting them as the fish.

If you happen to find yourself at a table where there is no fish, just turn around and walk away.


Having a good pre-flop strategy

 If you want to excel at poker, you need to have a good pre-flop strategy. What we are suggesting is that you need to play a large number of hands around the button, and reduce that significantly when in the blinds. This strategy would help stop your losses in low-stake matches.

Since a position is critical in poker, it is a good idea to maintain a strong position as that would help you win more.


Take time-outs

 A major issue is why a lot of people fail to excel at poker, or downright lose the game as they make emotionally-charged decisions under frustration when they see their game going south, or they are in a tight spot.

Don’t ever continue the play when there is such a tilt, as that will only worsen the situation. If you ever find yourself here, take a breather of a time-out, and that will help you regain your senses, and make the correct decisions that would ultimately lead you to victory.


Keeping a calm head

 Just like any other sport on the face of this planet, it is extremely important to maintain focus, while keeping a calm head. An agitated or preoccupied mind is certain to make mistakes, and thus, it is advisable that you maintain calm and composure when it comes to playing poker at various levels.


Final take

 Having the right set of strategies, and knowing exactly what you are doing is important when it comes to winning poker matches. Follow the aforementioned steps to excel at the game, while mitigating your chances of losing as well. Akkhacasino is one the top online casinos in India that provides you with the best online poker experience there is. By playing on Akkhacasino, you stand the chance of winning big as well, while having a ton of fun.

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